Miriam Rose Cullen
About me

DipHSc (Nutritional Medicine) | BHSc (Naturopathy) | Master of Human Nutrition (Current)


Hello! I'm Miriam Rose, and I'm passionate about helping busy individuals make healthy and sustainable choices for themselves and their family. I run workshops and provide education through workshop, my podcast, blogs and recipes to make it easy for everyone to live a healthy and holistic life. I also offer on-on-one consultations at my clinic in Bathurst or online for those further afield.

My journey with natural health began in early high school, when an adverse reaction to medication left me unable to attend school due to severe fatigue. Through this I got my first taste of naturopathy, having worked with a naturopath who helped me get back to school through detoxification and nutritional replenishment.

Unfortunately for me this was only the beginning. During the rest of high school, I struggled with musculoskeletal aches and pains as well as a suite of hormonal issues. While I was able to manage these through natural treatments there were larger struggles to come.

When I finished school, I was hit with a bad case of glandular fever, which had me bedbound for almost a year. I was fatigued, depressed and severely immunocompromised. After trying a variety of medications that didn't work, including antidepressants and hormone-modulating medications, I decided to stop taking everything and try the natural way again. Through simple diet changes and immune support with natural medicines, I started to get back on track in a matter of weeks.

Being educated on what really constitutes health changed my life, so I decided to pursue a career in helping others do the same. I'm a natural practitioner currently studying Naturopathy with a completed Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). I'm passionate about working with individuals to help them recognise the difference between truth and health fads, and apply useful knowledge to improve the health and life of them and their family.

As well as a love for holistic health, I also have a deep interest in biochemistry and plant chemistry. This means I am not simply content with knowing something works, but I am driven to investigate and understand how and why it works too. This helps me provide the best information and education on improving your health and health of your household.

My general health has almost fully recovered now, and I have never been more motivated to maintain a healthy, whole foods diet. I still have my own health struggles, a large one being a chronic musculoskeletal genetic disorder known as Ehlers Danlos syndrome. However, by maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet and following holistic practices I'm able to manage this and live a normal day to day life.


My personal journey has shaped my view that once you start upon the path of natural medicine and realise the impact that foods can have on your body, you never turn back.

Let's go on a journey to improve your health together.