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3-Ingredient Healthy Hot Choccy

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Chocolate is my weakness. I love sipping on a hot chocolate on a cold winters day, or a summers day for that matter. But most store-bought hot chocolate powders aren't so good for you. They often have high amounts of sugar! But Cocao itself has loads of health benefits. So how do you get the health benefits of Cocao without the damaging effects of the sugar? You've got to make your own Hot Choccy powder! Below is my hot chocolate recipe, made with only 3 ingredients and is SUPER delicious!

Cocao has potent antioxidants which improve your energy production and metabolism, meaning that it can aid in weight loss! It also increases the amount of glucose that your muscles use, increasing performance. It lowers hyperallergic immune responses so can be great for those who are prone to allergies, and it also reduces inflammation! Is there anything it can't do?! It has potential therapeutic benefit in the treatment of anxiety, high blood glucose, insulin resistance, allergies and even cancers (1). Opt for organic, fair trade Cocao (not Cocoa), because it is minimally processed and contains more of the good stuff!

I opt for coconut sugar over regular, palm sugar for multiple reasons. Firstly, coconut sugar has a higher mineral and antioxidant content. It is also higher in vitamin C, potassium and sodium. What's more, it has a lower GI than palm sugar or sugarcane, with a value of 35 in coconut sugar compared to 42 and 58-82 respectively (2). This means that you don't get the dramatic sugar spike that you get with regular sugar! It is also SUPER delicious, with hints of caramel in the flavour!


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