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Simple micro-nutrient guide

Updated: May 26, 2019

Disclaimer: This information provided is not designed to treat any medical condition and is merely for information purposes. Please discuss any adverse symptoms you are experiencing with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Most people don’t realise that many health conditions can be caused by simple vitamin or mineral deficiencies! This is why it is so essential that we are all receiving the Recommended Daily Intake of all micronutrients. Below is a basic summary (by no means an extensive list) of how different micronutrients can improve your health. I have also included foods which are great sources of these micronutrients. This is not intended to be a guide to help you find out which nutrients you are deficient in, but rather to give you an appreciation of how important it is to eat a variety of foods to have a basis level of health.

Sometimes simply correcting micronutrient deficiencies with a balanced diet and perhaps a multivitamin can treat a multitude diseases, reducing our need to rely on medications. Click here to read more about why a multivitamin may be required as a supplement to a healthy diet.


Table 1: Adapted from “Understanding Nutrition” (Whitney et al, 2014)


Table 2: Adapted from “Understanding Nutrition” (Whitney et al, 2014)


Table 3: Adapted from “Understanding Nutrition” (Whitney et al, 2014)

Click here to read my blog about whether you might need supplements or a multivitamin!

Main Reference:

Whitney, E, Rolfes, S.R, Crowe, T, Cameron-Smith, D & Walsh, T. (2017) Understanding nutrition – Australia and New Zealand Edition (3rd ed.). Melbourne, VIC: Cengage Learning

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