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Naturopathic and nutritionist clinic Miriam Rose Natural Health opens at Blooms the Chemist at Bathurst Chase

Author: Bradley Jurd
September 27 2021 - 6:00PM

NEW: Naturopath Miriam Cullen has launched a new clinic at Blooms the Chemist in Bathurst Chase. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 092221cblooms2
Miriam Rose Cullen is hoping to bring together her five years of study and two years of practical experience at her new naturopathy and nutritionist business.

Partnering with Blooms the Chemist in the Bathurst Chase, Miriam Rose Natural Health was launched this month, providing face-to-face one-on-one naturopathic and nutritional medicine consultations, at least when restrictions ease.

For now, Mrs Cullen is providing online video consultations until the current COVID-19 restrictions ease.
She said the key difference between a naturopath and conventional medical doctors is that the latter is made up of specialists, while naturopaths seek to understand how all body systems interact with each other.
"If you have gut issues, you'll be sent to a gastroenterologist, but if you need support with your mental health, you'll be sent to a psychiatrist. But what if these two things are connected?" she said.

"Chances are the gastroenterologist won't ask you about your mental health and the psychiatrist isn't going to ask you about your bowel movements.

"So these two things end up being treated separately and the root cause is never fully addressed because the person hasn't been treated as a whole.

"Naturopaths seek to understand how all the body systems are interacting with each other and cause your unique symptoms."
Mrs Cullen explained that naturopaths use tools such as nutritional medicine (eg diet plans), nutritional supplements (eg zinc), herbal medicines and lifestyle advice.

"While no treatment is entirely risk-free, natural medicines have far less side effects than conventional medical treatments," she said.

Naturopaths seek to understand how all the body systems are interacting with each other ... Miriam Cullen

"They often won't work as quickly as a Panadol, but their effects are long lasting and sustainable."

There has been plenty of negative coverage of naturopathy but Mrs Cullen said that's because there is no government regulation, meaning anyone can call themself a naturopath even without having credentials.

"This has resulted in 'naturopaths' of the past treating in a way that is not evidence-based and even unsafe in some situations," she said.

"Thankfully, the natural medicine industry is fighting for government registration, particularly as most naturopaths have at least a bachelors degree and are highly trained in evidence-based natural medicine.

"Most naturopaths are now registered with an independent regulating body, that ensures that all natural medicine practitioners abide by a code of conduct and continue with professional development and education."
You can contact Mrs Cullen via 0493 245 976, by her website www.miriamrosenaturalhealth.com.au or by email at miriamrosenaturalhealth@gmail.com.

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