What’s with all the different diets?

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

There are SO many different diets out there, so which one is right for you?! Which one is going to help you feel like your best self? Which diets are genuinely beneficial and backed up by research and which diets are simply fads? Below I will outline some of the main diet trends dominating the health and wellness space at the moment, with some of their Pro's and Con’s. It is by no means an extensive list. But this summary may help you choose what the best diet is for you in particular, because everyone is different. No one diet suits all. But just the heads up, the last diet is by far my favourite ;)

Calorie-restricted diet

Summary: Targeted for those wishing to lose weight by consuming less calories than what they burn. In other words, there are LESS calories IN, MORE calories OUT.

Low-carb diet

Summary: For those wishing to lose weight and balance their blood sugar levels. Most carbs are replaced with good quality proteins and fats that help you feel fuller for longer.


Summary: This diet strictly limits carbohydrates and encourages the consumption of more fats and moderate amounts of protein. This results in a “ketogenic state,” where your body is using ketones for fuel rather than glucose. It is for those who wish to burn body fat for energy and aids in weight loss.

High-protein diet

Summary: This diet supports weight loss and helps you feel fuller for longer. It prevents loss of muscle mass and is great for athletes who are looking to build muscle. This diet incorporates animal and plant based protein sources with some healthy carbs and fats.

Low-fat diet

Summary: Limits fat consumption to less than 25% of your total energy consumption. This diet prioritises whole grains, fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, lean meat and low fat dairy products.

Mediterranean diet

Summary: focuses on plant-based foods. Includes healthy carbs from whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Olive oil is one of the primary sources of fat. Added sugars, refined grains and red meats are limited.

Vegetarian diet

Summary: This diet eliminates animal foods but includes products provided by animals such as dairy and eggs. This diet are often motivated by animal welfare and environmental concerns.

Vegan diet

Summary: This diet eliminates ALL animal foods, including products sourced from animals such as dairy, eggs, gelatine and sometimes honey. Like the Vegetarian diet, Vegan diets are often motivated by animal welfare and environmental concerns.