I run workshops on a variety of topics about  nutrition, health and well-being to help you put into practice healthy habits in a really easy, sustainable and realistic way. Here what others had to say about previous workshops!

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Transition to Perimenopause & Menopause


3 hrs

In partnership with Pilates 44 in Bathurst

This workshop includes a presentation from Miriam with diet, lifestyle and supplement advice that can aid the transition from perinmenopause and menopause. Simmone and Penny will then run a mat Pilates movement session focusing on relaxation, mindfulness and pelvic floor health. Participants will receive a copy of the very popular book by re-known Naturopath Lara Bridan, "The Hormone Repair Manual"


How to eat seasonally


1.5 hrs

Date and location TB

Nowadays, every fruit and vegetable is available all year round in the supermarkets. How do you know what is really fresh, in season and nutritionally dense at certain times of the year? Come along to find out!

More details coming soon

How to read (and understand) nutrition labels


1.5 hrs

Date and location TBD

Nutrition labels can be very confusing. In this workshop, I'll breakdown exactly what they mean, how to read them, how to understand the jargon and what to avoid.

More Details Coming Soon

How to make Kombucha and the health benefits of drinking it


1.5 hrs

Run a kombucha party with your friends at your house today!

You may never have heard of kombucha or you may be a regular drinker! But did you know that it's incredibly easy to to make your own?

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